Review Is It a Scam?

Via what appears to be a site they’re affiliated with called I’ve been getting a lot of spam from lately The spam emails are coming from this page the spammer based on my research appears to be Donatelco Inc.

Donatelco Inc
303 Shirley Street
Nassasu Bahamas

When it comes to spammers you never know for sure, but the spam has gotten really annoying to the point that blocking this spam isn’t even working. Anyway, to based on my reviews is not legit and is indeed a scam. Being that Rondevo is a premium dating platform that works worldwide. that cleaned its site from scammers and fraudsters it’s odd that they have to use spammers to promote them?

Personal thoughts regarding

Because I’ve been scammed by online dating websites in the past, I pay close attention to things like a dating websites address, their contact information and their willingness to allow me to print their Terms and Conditions as well their privacy policy. When I was scammed the customer service representative told me did you read the terms before you signed up? When I answered no, I basically lost all of my money and that’s really what made me start writing all of these posts. warning people to consider reading the terms and conditions.

Well not only does Rondevo make it hard to copy or print their Terms and conditions, but they also only have an email contact page, this for me makes them the ultimate scammer, they don’t have a physical address and I only know of them via a spam email message? Join them if you want too, but they’re a scam if you ask me.

Based on my reviews Rondevo appears to be angling for international dating, well based on my documented reviews if you’re willing to date internationally based on my review Foreign Affair is the best. Now allow me briefly to explain what separates Foreign Affair from Rondevo, firstly Foreign Affair is American owned and American proud, secondly, Foreign Affair has multiple ways you can contact them, either by phone, by email or by mail.

Foreign Affair has a physical legitimate address and follows U.S laws. Foreign Affair also isn’t afraid to brag about its testimonials and actual testimonies, there are so many pictorial, video, audio and written testimonials of actual success stories that if you go to the Foreign Affair you could literally spend a day going through them all. Also, I should add that some people prefer to remain anonymous so there are actually more testimonials than what’s being shown on the Foreign Affair website. Now compare that Rondevo?

Final thoughts regarding

Again I want to make it clear that the only reason I’m writing this post is that I’m getting a lot of spam from associates of Rondevo, honestly, I wouldn’t even know Rondevo existed had it not been for their spam. With that said based on my reviews and expectations for a legitimate international dating website, Rondevo is not legit and is indeed a scam. I will point out that I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money, so if you want to sign up with Rondevo don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Rondevo should be sent to their staff directly.

When it comes to international dating, consider joining me on a Foreign Affair singles tour. All ages are welcome, although Foreign Affair caters to U.S customers first and foremost, don’t be afraid to join if you’re not a U.S citizen. It would be wise to have a Passport if you’re going to join.

Foreign Affair abides by The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) and is a legitimate respectable company that does business in the United States. You can meet their members in person and also every member has the right to cancel their account, which is why if you find someone it’s wise to join us on a singles tour as soon as possible because there’s no guarantee that this person will still be a member in the future, relationships happen for the people who use the services to build physical relationships.

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