How to Seduce and Attract a Woman Through Conversation


If you have the intent of seducing anyone, whether it be a male or a female, you need to be patient, you have to take the ant approach and avoid the grasshopper approach and this is difficult for most men who have short attention spans.

When talking to a human, you want to avoid forcing a person in the direction you want them to go, and instead, guiding them via your patience. When a woman meets you she doesn’t know anything about you and quite frankly if she’s attractive she might not want to know anything about you.

As the “Primal Attraction” Crash Course teaches you must learn the art of seduction by building up your confidence. Not to give anything away as we reserve that for the premium members but you seduce via patience and your confidence.

In school as many of you know, unless you’re really good looking girls aren’t going to like you right away, girls usually like you after they get to know you, if you’re smart enough to allow them to do that.

The “Primal Attraction” Crash Course teaches you how to start a conversation and begin the seduction process, it’s not so much ‘tricks’ that the “Primal Attraction” Crash Course is teaching you, it’s more like a repeatable process.

No two people are the same and this is why the “Primal Attraction” Crash Course focuses on building you up as opposed to building up the lady you’re attracted to. In-School a lot of boys or men destroy their entire lives sometimes for girls or women.

This fight to be the coolest kid in the school at all costs comes with a serious cost because eventually that bad boy routine no longer works. Women do mature and even if they’re immature a woman recognizes a train wreck and the “Primal Attraction” Crash Course teaches you how to avoid being that bad boy train wreck that most dating coaches promote.

I want you to be calm cool and collective so that you’re naturally seductive, what I don’t want is for you to force the seduction process.

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