Review Is It a Scam? Manish Leone and Seduce With Silence Reviews

I hadn’t heard of Manish Leone prior to the advertisement presented to me about him on “The Silent Seduction System” website currently found at Because SeduceWithSilence is an information-based product currently owned by Gotham Club LLC., I don’t consider it legit or a scam. Based on my reviews, if it piques your curiosity, give it a try. During their video presentation, they give out the details of the strategies you’ll be getting if you decide to sign up with them.

If you’re going to join Manish Leone prior to order, they also offer an optional audio version and also video examples of their system in action; all of this will cost a total of $97 as of the day this post is being published. In comparison to Revolutionary Sex which offers more for less, below is what The Silent Seduction System offers its clients.

  1. Silent Seduction – Get her in bed in just 3 simple steps
  2. Audio Version Of The System
  3. Uncensored, Hidden-Camera Demonstrations on REAL Women
  4. The Speed Guide – Gets You Laid As Fast As Possible
  5. The Pleasure Map – How To Touch Her To Turn Her On Fast
  6. Underground Hookup Hotspots – Secret Places Women Go To Get Laid That Almost No Men Know About
  7. The Sex Cave Blueprint – Make Your Home Somewhere Women Naturally Want To Get Naked And Fuck
  8. 27 Signs She Wants To Fuck – Hidden “Hookup Signals” Women Send When They Are Desperate To Get Laid
  9. 3X Threesome System – Seduce 2… Even 3 Women At The Same Time
  10. High Performance Sex System – Secrets To Last Longer In Bed, Shoot Bigger Loads, And Get Harder, Stronger Erections
  11. 2 Week Access To Silent Seduction Inner Circle – Advanced Training To Supercharge Your Results

Total cost:$97.95 Refund Policy

How To Activate A Woman’s “Mating Instinct” is a very similar offer to The Silent Seduction System; however, they differ in some very key areas; the first area is TRANSPARENCY. You can go to the Revolutionary Sex Website, and there’s a phone number there. There’s also easy access to get email support if you’re not satisfied with what they’re offering.

As an example, one of the promotional offers from Revolutionary Sex is their very popular and highly sought after 3 Things You Can Do To A Woman To Give Her The Best Orgasms Of Her Life. Now, sure, it’s one thing to make claims when nobody knows who you are; it’s something else to make these claims when you have a Youtube page and a social following.

With Revolutionary Sex their information is public, and oddly enough, their purchase price is less than what SeduceWithSilence is offering. I’d argue that Revolutionary Sex is offering a lot more, based on my reviews.

With that said, I should point out that there are ways to make the purchase price for The Silent Seduction System a lot less. If you’re on the website before it takes you to the order page, you might notice that the price will come down if you either allow the clock to run down or threaten to leave the website.

Final Thoughts Regarding The Silent Seduction System

Maybe you can find other ways to bring the price down for The Silent Seduction System by Manish Leone? I won’t get into all of that because I don’t know. But in general, based on my reviews Revolutionary Sex is better all around. They’re way more transparent, and their training is based on IN DEMAND teachings.

Yes, things like the limbic system should be considered, but if you do it wrong, women could accuse you of crimes, so be careful with that type of risky behavior as it could backfire on you if you’re not careful. With Revolutionary Sex the approach is Not so secretive; I mean, let’s be honest, what’s up with this Manish Leone character? I’m all for gimmicks, but sometimes people take things overboard.

All that aside, based on my reviews, I don’t think Manish Leone and The Silent Seduction System is a scam; I won’t call it legit, however, and I will not be recommending them at this time. Any comments are concerns you have regarding The Silent Seduction System should be sent to their people directly.

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