Review Is It a Scam?

So to start SeniorsToDate is owned by Timespace Holdings Limited(detimiL sgnidloH ecapsemiT) and as I’ve stated in other posts this company has something to hide and also makes it hard to print their terms, primarily because as many of said it looks like not all of their members are not real. So based on my reviews SeniorsToDate is not legit and is a scam.

Personal thoughts regarding

So if you go to Seniors To Date and try to copy their terms or their privacy policy they don’t allow it, furthermore, it’s a challenge to print out their terms, they do this because they don’t want to found out for the scam they are in my opinion and this is why I’m not recommending you join them.

There’s a lot more I can write, but in this instance they’re not worth the trouble because you can see for yourself that in 2019, they have way too much to hide and if you use any other legitimate dating APP or Website, you’ll notice that the legit ones are transparent and have nothing to hide.

Rather than wasting time with Seniors To Date you’d be better off trying Live Jasmin, where at the very least you’ll know the person you’re chatting with is a legit human and not a bot. Also, I should point out that Senior Friend Finder has been a good option for a large percentage of people who tried. Now, I prefer recommending dating APPS or websites that I’m an active member of, however consider Senior Friend Finder if you’re opened to trying a transparent domestic dating website/APP

Final thoughts regarding

SeniorsToDate is not worth the time, I’ve tried Timespace Holdings Limited dating websites before, they all ended up being scams, and they’re all very scared to allow anyone to expose them, so based on my reviews is not legit and is a scam, I do not recommend them and will not be recommending them until they’re more transparent. If you want to sign up with Seniors To Date don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you, any questions or concerns you have for them should be directed to and their staff.

When it comes to adult-themed dating Adult Friend Finder based on my reviews is the best. A brief history about  Adult Friend Finder they’ve been online since 1996, I’ve known of them since 1999, back then swingers dating was the main reason people joined. Based on demand and the evolution of the net, obviously  Adult Friend Finder has evolved to adding an APP and other entertainment-based features to keep members entertained because as everyone knows, online dating can get boring after a while.  Adult Friend Finder is American owned, I like to point that out because they abide by U.S laws whereas most of the scam adult dating websites are foreign-owned and operated.

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