Review Is It a Scam?

Sometimes you want things to be true that aren’t, personally I think sold themselves short. To keep this post short and straight to the point based on my reviews StonerGirls is not legit and is a scam.

It’s a real shame too because the ‘Stoner Girls’ theme was pretty good, unfortunately, is currently a promotional page for, which is a fraudulent dating website I wrote about in the past. is also a promotional offer for, which is a scam also, but I’ll write more about that in the paragraph below.

Personal thoughts regarding

As I wrote above Stoner Girls is a promotional webpage as of the date of this publication so if you opt to join them consider reading the terms of service for their offers. Personally I think it would be smarter to join Live Jasmin over Stonergirls because at least with Live Jasmin you know what you’re getting.

Whereas with the promotional offers you’ll have to pay close attention to the fine print as an example, on one of their offers order pages it states the following:

To Prevent Fraud and Protect Those Under Legal Age, We Must Verify That You Are Over 18 Years of Age.

By completing this transaction you will receive free access to our premier member’s area BangLocals as well as for a trial period of 1 days.

Should you choose to remain a member and not cancel your account, we will automatically upgrade you to a full membership which automatically recurs at 39.95 monthly. Applicable transactions on your statement will appear as

A one time 1.25$ profile setup fee may apply. **bonus offer 1: 7 day,

$1.25 paid trial to which automatically upgrades to a 29.95/month membership unless cancelled.

**bonus offer 2: 10 day, $1.25 paid trial to which automatically upgrades to 49.95/month membership unless cancelled.


In case you missed it, the offer appears to be free, but once you give them your credit card they automatically sign you up for a bunch of other things.


Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews is not legit and is a scam, usually, in this section, I’d tell you o contact to learn more but they’re a promotional webpage, so you’ll have to make the best decision for yourself. I will not be recommending a this time.

As far as adult dating goes, it’s 2020, and I based on my reviews, I still think Adult Friend Finder is the best Adult Dating website, they’ve obviously added more features now and really pushing Cams platform now that more and more people are interested in sharing more of themselves.

The net is evolving but in time, people will comprehend that Adult Friend Finder was way ahead of its time because most of what you see online is derived from Adult Friend Finder which is an American owned company that began in 1996.

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