Weare18.com Review Is It a Scam?

As of late Streamate has been taking the world by storm there are actually tons of Streamate sites all over the web now for those of you that don’t know Weare18.com is another website affiliated with Streamate. What separates Streamate from the pack is that they have television commercials which is something I find quite interesting because typically these types of sites create their buzz online as opposed to using the mainstream media. I’m curious to see Streamates next move because there are quite a few of these sites all over the internet.

Personal thoughts on Weare18.com

We are 18 like all the streamate sites is legit and when it comes to their models/talent it’s all about your personal preference. When it comes to adult dating or adult entertainment as is the case with Weare18.com you have to create your own reviews. Unless Weare18.com is taking money from you without your permission then they’re legit in my book. As of March 2013 Streamate is a respectable company it’s not a scam but with all that said in my personal opinion I find that Live Jasmine is the best when it comes to live adult web cams. I can say this with absolute certainty because I’ve tried both Live Jasmine and Streamate; all that said I will point out that I’m not a frequent user but if you ask me and you ask a few other people they would agree with me.

Final thoughts on Weare18.com

If you read this post wondering if Weare18.com is a scam? The answer is NO! It’s legit and I want to also point out that you shouldn’t feel guilty about how you spend your money it’s yours in most strip clubs you can’t touch a model what makes this any different? Plus the options are better and it’s a lot more fun than some might think. Have fun people you live once I wish you all the best.

As my readers know when it comes adult entertainment and dating my top preference is Adult Friend Finder. Most of the features most of these new sites are just bringing to integrate now Adult Friend Finder had them for years. I said it then and I’ll say it again Adult Friend Finder is far beyond it’s competition I also will point out for my readers that invest Adult Friend Finder is listed on the NASDAQ! So for those you questioning their creditably it you can’t get more credible than that.

My review through out the years has been the same some months I meet a lot of people other months I meet no one. But one of the many features that separate Adult Friend Finder from their competitors are the different things they integrated into their system. Most of these features as of March 2013 are just now being copied by new up and coming dating websites. Most of these features have been a part of Adult Friend Finder dating back to 1999! Think about that one! I can’t promise any woman or man success with this site all I can do is share my stories and my success. Again I wish you all the best!

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