XAdult18X.net Review Is It a Scam?

To start I only know of XAdult18X.net because of spam email messages sent to me, this post most likely would not exist had XAdult18X.net not sent me on more than 1 occasion spam email messages.

Based on my reviews “X Adult 18 X” currently found at XAdult18X.net is a scam and not legit, if I were you I wouldn’t join the XAdult18X fraud believing their members are real, if you read the XAdult18X.net terms which I’ll post below, you’ll quickly see they’re a scam if you’re going to consider joining XAdult18X.net  be warned that Live Jasmin which is a live webcam sex chat service first is more transparent and at the very least you know their members are real.

XAdult18X.net Terms and Conditions

If you’re going to join XAdult18X.net do yourself a favor and consider reading their terms and conditions, at least skim through them, namely section 2. USE OF THIS SERVICE where it states the following:

We may use system profiles at our discretion to communicate with users to enhance our users’ entertainment experience. This enables us to analyse user preferences, trends and gain information about our member base and to monitor user communications.

Above is a brief excerpt of what to expect from XAdult18X.net which is currently owned by Hazhtag Media Ou, which is apparently a company based out in Estonia.

The website and the service is operated by Hazhtag Media Ou, a company registered under the laws of Estonia, No. 14448491.

Hazhtag Media Ou, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Viru väljak 2, 10111 Estonia

Support email: support(@)XAdult18X.net

Again if you’re even considering joining XAdult18X.net Live Jasmin is far better and way more transparent.

Final thoughts regarding XAdult18X.net

Based on my reviews XAdult18X.net is a scam, it’s not legit, I will not be recommending them at this time and I remind the reader, I’m only writing this post because of spam email messages. Jin them at your own risk any questions or concerns you have regarding XAdult18X.net should be sent to their staff directly. I do not recommend anyone join them, but don’t let me stop you.


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