ZoomFlirts.com Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews ‘Zoom Flirts’ found at ZoomFlirts.com is basically there to take your email and recommend fraudulent dating websites to you, the first on the list for me was xmeets.com which based on my reviews is not legit and is indeed a scam.

I’d argue that if you’re going to join xmeets.com you’d be better of signing up with Live Jasmin where at the very least the member are real and can be verified on live webcam whereas xmeet.com has pictures of fake members who aren’t looking for a date.

Live Jasmin is a live webcam sex chat service and doesn’t pretend not to be. Most flirting or fake dating websites trick you into joining by presenting fake pictures and fake profiles. Live Jasmin on the other hand presents itself with legitimate members with legitimate pictures that can be verified on live cam.

When it comes to legitimate adult dating websites Adult Friend Finder reigns supreme, they’re clearly the best option and they’ve been online since 1996. Adult Friend Finder began as a swingers dating website and evolved into an adult dating service to match with the modern era. Adult Friend Finder is American owned and I recommend them because I’m a member.

xmeets.com has been online for a while and I’ve written a review about them already because I tried their service, and it doesn’t compare to what Adult Friend Finder because at the very leat Adult Friend Finder has legitimate members and I’ve written about my success story using Adult Friend Finder whereas with xmeets.com there was no success because I couldn’t find any legitimate members. For the record, my reviews were based on having a full profile with the dating sites in question, which is how I base my reviews.

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