Review Is It a Scam?

So to start if you haven’t noticed it yet, Colombia Lady which is located at is owned or is part of the same network that owns, now my history with is not good, I actually first heard about latamdate via a spam email message, and after doing my reviews of which is owned or run by the same company that operates the ColombiaLady website in 2020, I concluded that based on my review they’re not legit and they’re indeed a scam and I’ll explain why in the paragraph below.

Personal thoughts regarding

Now, there’s a huge problem with international dating WEBSITES and I often write that if you’re going to sign up for an international dating WEBSITE read their terms and conditions and also consider trying Live Jasmin a live webcam sex chat service, because many of these so-called international dating websites are really live webcam sex chat services like Live Jasmin in disguise and/or they’re full of fake members with fake profiles paid fake pictures etc.

Legit international dating services may have websites but the basis of their entire operation revolves around meeting in person. I write favorably about Foreign Affair for this exact reason. When it comes to Foreign Affair which is an international dating INTRODUCTIONS service with an online dating component, it should be noted that Foreign Affair revolves around meeting in person, which is why Foreign Affair has so many legitimate testimonials.

On the flipside, ColombiaLady and sites like it lure you in with the pretty pictures. Now, a brief history of legit international dating services like Foreign Affair and why most of the profiles have professional photos. So it’s important to remember that Foreign Affair caters to men of all ages and the women who join Foreign Affair take the service very seriously, the women on that service are looking to get married and they’re basically putting their best foot forward.

It’s a known fact and it’s something that I talk about all the time, that the better your dating profile the better your chances of results. Because Foreign Affair is a premium service all parties involved would be wise to present themselves in the best manner possible.

Scam international dating services have tried t flip this upside down and tried to use people’s trust for their own purposes.

Final thoughts regarding

I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their time or their money, with that said I don’t think ColombiaLady is legit, and yes I do think they’re a scam, I will not be recommending them at this time. With that said any questions or concerns, you have regarding ‘Colombia Lady’ should be sent to their staff directly.

With all of that established, allow me to point out again that ColombiaLady and Foreign Affair differ firstly because Foreign Affair is American owned and operated, their phone number and physical address are proudly displayed on their website. On the flipside if you look at the ColombiaLady website, it appears like they have something to hide.

Keep in mind that this international dating, the reason why Foreign Affair is so transparent is that they’re abiding by the regulations which govern their industry. I recommend Foreign Affair because there’s a risk to dating internationally, and you want to do things the best way possible.

If you read all of the audio, written, pictorial, and video testimonials on the Foreign Affair website, you’ll notice a consistency from the individuals who actually meet the women in person, it was a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

I should point out lastly why the women at Foreign Affair outnumber the men, its because most men are too scared to visit these beautiful women. Many ancestors were explorers they weren’t scared of anything, but it should be noted that a lot of men in the real world are scared of happiness. If you’re a risk-taker this is definitely the international dating service for you!

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