FlingSecrets.com Review Is It a Scam?

So I’m clear the only reason this post is being written revolves around a Fling Secrets or one of their many spammers, spamming the heck out of my email. So if you’re wondering if FlingSecrets.com is legit? Based on my reviews, the answer is no, based on my review FlingSecrets is not legit and is indeed a scam and if I were you I wouldn’t join. Now, how I learned about FlingSecrets.com is via lovelyplaymatesfinder.com how has really made it a mission of theirs to spam the heck out of my email.

Now, obviously I don’t check my emails daily, so when I do check them I see who is spamming or where the affiliates of spammers are coming from. low and behold, the lovelyplaymatesfinder.com promotional webpages which if you’re curious can be found by going to at lovelyplaymatesfinder.com/US/ lead to FlingSecrets.com, which again based on my reviews is not legit and is a scam.

The FlingSecrets.com Terms and Conditions

Some years ago, I was scammed by a fraudulent dating website, and when I tried to retrieve the money stolen from me, the support staff asked me if I read the terms and conditions in which I replied at the time “No”, well turns out had I done, that I would have known that dating website was a scam, anyway turns out I made a mistake by not reading their terms, so when I write posts I always tell my readers to read the terms prior to joining.

When it comes to FlingSecrets.com before joining them you’ll want to consider joining Live Jasmin, why consider joining Live Jasmin before joining FlingSecrets.com? Well because if you join FlingSecrets it will be hard for you to know the difference between real and fake members, plus Fling Secrets might also be paying employees to chat with you, it’s in their terms. Below is a snippet of their terms.

flingsecrets.com is designed for pleasure and entertainment. Fictional entertainers’ profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible. We strongly advise you to read our Terms and Conditions before using our Service.

Why I say Live Jasmin is a better option than Fling Secrets is that at the very least when you join Live Jasmin you won’t have to worry about fake pictures when you go to Live Jasmin you’ll notice that all the pictures at the very least lead to actual members that you can chat with now!

Final thoughts regarding FlingSecrets.com

I write these posts for information purposes, I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their time, their energy or their money. Based on my reviews FlingSecrets.com is not legit and is indeed a scam, with that said if you want to join FlingSecrets don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Fling Secrets should be sent to their staff directly.

As far as adult-related domestic dating goes, as stated in other posts based on my PERSONAL reviews which stem from my personal results Adult Friend Finder is by far the best adult dating website online. A brief history to people who might not know, Adult Friend Finder began as a Swingers dating website in the San Fernando Valley, it started around 1996 around the same time as Match.com and it’s flourished since then adding features to service based on user demand.

I have to point out as an Adult Friend Finder member to women and men thinking of joining that Adult Friend Finder is a U.S based company and therefore abides by U.S laws, it’s also a premium service and what happens between adults stays between those individual adults, but particular service exist and don’t exist on Adult Friend Finder because they have to follow the laws that govern them. The bottom line is they’re the best, based on my real-world review.

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